A listing of our fees and charges can be found below. Feel free to call us at 212-695-8900 if you have any questions about your account.

Want to reset the PIN code on your PCU debit card? Call 1-800-757-9848.

Important Information Regarding PCU’s Fees:
– Minimum Balances for PCU’s Share Certificate Accounts (including IRA Share Certificates) are now $1,000 – making it easier for our members to take advantage of our great rates!
– IRA Shares and Regular Share Draft Accounts have NO minimum balance required.
– Share Draft accounts with no other deposits or types of accounts require a minimum balance of $210.
– A PCU checking account has NO minimum balance – but a PCU share account is required.
– For the regular share accounts that do not keep a $200 minimum balance, members will be charged a monthly fee of $10.

It is important to note that all of PCU’s member offerings require a share account with a minimum of $10.

ATM Inquiry Fee (Members get 8 free per month)$0.50
ATM Transaction Fee (Members get 8 free per month)$1.00
Certified Teller Check Fee$5.00
Collection on Foreign Bank Check Fee$20.00
Copies of Loan Documents (cost is per page, with a maximum charge of $100 per file) plus postage costs$10.00
Copies of Statements (per year)$15.00
Copies of Checks (per check)$5.00
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming)FREE!
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing)$30.00
IRA Maintenance Fee (Deducted Annually on July 1st)$10.00
IRA Termination Fee (Prior to age 59 and a half)$25.00
Legal Processing Fee$50.00
Money Order Fee$3.00
Research of Prior Year Activity Fee (per year)$15.00
Return Item Fee (Check/ACH)$30.00
Stop Payment Fee (Share Drafts and Teller Checks)$10.00

You can find a list of forms at PCU below.

Forms may be updated at any time so please refer back to this page when you need a new form.  All forms are in Adobe’s PDF format.  You can download the free Adobe PDF reader here.